The present trading conditions are the then-current conditions for contracting with Casino Copenhagen K / S.


After entering your personal information, you are automatically redirected to a "Secure Server". Here you enter your card number, card expiry date and card security code. All communication between you and the server is encrypted with SSL encryption. SSL encryption ensures that confidential information is not available for Casino Copenhagen K / S or a third party.
The transmission between our server and PBS are done by, of PBS, approved SSL solution that ensures the greatest possible safety of the transaction. When you are in a safe zone, it is displayed at the bottom of your browser window in the form of a small "Secure Server" icon. In the most used browsers, this small icon of a closed padlock.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a security protocol. SSL ensures that data is encrypted in communication between the parties to an Internet shopping. This means that unauthorized persons can not intercept example.your card during the transaction

SSL feature lies in your browser, and it is activated when you use your card with us. You should not install additional software to use SSL - everything happens completely safe and fully automatically.
Regardless of the number of digits on the back of your debit card is used only the last three digits as check digits.When you as a cardholder informs control digits in the payment on the Internet, checking PBS, the information on the card number, expiration date and security code from the same debit card. Suitable if the comparison, the card is rejected.
Thereby limiting the risk of misuse of debit card for Internet shopping. Among other things, the risks of third party abuse using information from terminal receipts reduced as the security code is not available on these receipts.

Foreign card is checked to the extent that the card issuer supports the use of check digits.

It is prohibited to save / store your CVC and at Casino Copenhagen K / S we store the deletion of your card information. In other words, it is only PBS that has access to the card information that you enter in connection with your payment.

Debit / credit cards

At Casino Copenhagen K / S you can pay online with credit card and common types of credit cards. When you get to the payment page, you are given the performance you have ordered and the total price. You must now enter the card number, expiration date and card security code. Completed these fields are not correctly, PBS does not verify the validity of the card and you will not be able to make your payment. The amount is deducted on your card when ordering. There can never be deducted an amount greater than what you have approved the payment. You payment will receive an email with a confirmation of your purchase.


Payment by credit card you are always protected against abuse. You have the option of rejecting a payment that is not authorized by you when you receive your statement. You have no deductible in the event that your card is misused in an Internet shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system. You are thus better protected than in the physical world where you have an excess of 1200 kr. When your credit card is abused using your PIN.

The data you submit in connection with purchases paid with a credit card is encrypted (SSL) and it is only PBS that can read them. Neither Casino Copenhagen K / S or others have the opportunity to read the data.

Delivery and withdrawal

It should be noted that the buyin and fee will be highlighted on the map when registering.
The normal cancellation on the purchase of physical goods is 14 days. However, since this constitutes a service which is considered to be delivered on the day of the tournament, put the normal cancellation inoperable. As a player, you may cancel your registration up to 24 hours before the tournament, and you should send a written confirmation of your cancellation to After that period, you can no longer cancel your payment.

Should a tournament against expectations be postponed, shifted canceling the court accordingly.
Should a tournament against expectations be canceled, refunded the full amount of the first weekday.

No show

If you are unable to attend on the day of the tournament and can not manage to make use of your ordinary cancellation, please contact Casino Copenhagen K / S on tel 33 965 965. We will then in each case whether the amount should be refundable if it has already been deducted from your account.
If you fail to show up at the tournament day and not give Casino Copenhagen K / S message accordingly refunded your payment is not.


If you wish to complain about a tournament, the complaint must be sent to our address:
Casino Copenhagen K / S
Amager Boulevard 70
2300 Copenhagen S.
In a possible. complaints please state tournament name, date and amount.

Privacy Policy

To enter into an agreement with Casino Copenhagen K / S via the website, you must register with the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Date of birth

Personal information registered with Casino Copenhagen K / S and stored for up to 5 years.

We record your personal information in order to provide the service to you, treat if necessary. complaints, improve our offers and recommendations as well as the interests of our accounting and existing casino legislation.

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it always happens when submitting your express consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.

The following groups of employees have access to the recorded information: management, sales and marketing, administration and bookkeeping.
Information is not divulged to third parties.

There No sensitive personal information.

Besides payment data is not stored or transmitted information is encrypted.

As registered with Casino Copenhagen K / S, you always have the right to object to the registration and you have the right to inspect the information recorded about you. You have these rights for Personal Data Act and request in connection therewith addressed to Casino Copenhagen K / S via e-mail:

It is not possible to access a registration confirmation subsequently via our website. If you want to get a new copy of the confirmation, please send an e-mail to

Declaration of consent

Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions entrant agrees simultaneously this consent declaration full content.

The participant is aware that the declaration of consent is valid for the enrolled arrangements defined, regardless of whether this may extend over several days, even if the participant no longer actively participating in the event.

The participant agrees that during and at the event can occur record sound and images, including - but not limited to - photographs and moving images of the participants.

Participant hereby consent to the Casino Copenhagen must use all such recordings as far as possible and in any media as part of marketing, press releases, TV programs and / or by any other means with or without an indication of the participant's name and without informing the participant.

This agreement applies indefinitely and is irrevocable. Casino Copenhagen can freely transferable consent or to license it.

The participant is aware that there may not be brought props which are designed to advertise and / or promote the various products during the event, in addition to the clothes participant stands and walks in. It is not accepted that the participant carries logos, company names, etc. for game-related companies that are not approved by the Danish Gambling Authority.

Any violation of the above rules will result in disqualification without any refund tournament fee and expulsion from the Casino Copenhagen.

Further, the participant agrees to comply with the applicable rules of the tournament, which is available on our website and Casino Copenhagen common house rules.

This consent is subject to Danish law.