General information

Here you find some general information about Casino Copenhagen.

Opening hours and prices

Every day    14:00 - 04:00

- Slot machines and touchbet - all opening hours.
- Live casino games - open after 16:00

(Closed Dec. 24December 25 will open at 20:00 pm)

  • Day tickets before 16.00        25 dkk.
    Day tickets after 16.00            95 dkk.

  • ​Wardrobe                                       15 dkk.

Minimum age and valid photo ID

Minimum age: 18 years.
Remember to bring a valid picture ID.

You must use your photo ID at the entrance to the casino, at the same time it must be presented upon withdrawal on your credit / debit card.

The 4 star Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

Casino Copenhagen shares our location with one of the largest hotels in Denmark - the 4 star Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel.

The 544 rooms are spread over 26 floors and extends throughout 86 meters up in the cityscape of Copenhagen. Built in 1973 by the architects Einar Graae and Bent Severin.

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel and Casino Copenhagen are two individual companies, which cooperate on many levels. We are looking for synergies for the benefit of our guests.


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