Gambling addiction

For most people, casino gambling is a fun and exciting experience, where you can both win and lose.

We can help

Unfortunately, there is someone for whom the game, from being an entertaining element, develops negatively and begin to control their lives. Their urge to gamble begins to affect their economy and their families; they are problem gamblers.

In case you have problems with gambling, we will of course assist you if you want to lock yourself for access to Casino Copenhagen and any other land-based casinos.
Simply complete and sign our block form which can be downloaded here in pdf. format, and then send it to us along with a copy of your photo ID.



Contact Casino Copenhagen at tel. 33965965 or for an interview.

Get help

You can use the link to the Center for Problem Gambling or link to Frederiksberg center for further information.

Casino Copenhagen disclaims any liability for losses which the guest may suffer as a result of the guest still had to gain access to the casino and other casinos in that period, including as a result of the self-locking due to human or technical error not has been effected.