Lots of different game options

At Casino Copenhagen, we offer our guests a multitude of different game types. Here you can play Money wheel, Punto Banco and various sports betting possibilities.

Money Wheel

Money Wheel is a casino game designed as a wheel of fortune.
The lucky wheel consists of 52 fields and an arrow at the top of the wheel, which indicates the winning field.

The bet limits are a minimum of DKK 20 and a maximum of DKK 500.

Money Wheel is a simple and entertaining game that can be played on weekends - Friday and Saturday.

With odds of up to 1:50, a DKK 20 bet can win as much as DKK 1,000.

Punto banco

Punto banco is a further development of the two traditional and very popular casino games - chemin de fer and baccarat.

Punto banco is a card game that is played with 6 sets of 52 cards. Today, it has an ever-growing audience, and the special atmosphere that always surrounds a punto banco table, has made the game an exciting alternative to other casino games.

The game begins with the guests making a bet on either punto or banco box. Then, given two or three cards to each box, then the box whose score is closest to 9 wins.

Face cards, tens and any combination of cards that add up to ten, counts for zero, aces count for 1 and all other cards count for the denomination.