Poker room

Here you can read a lot of the details about our poker room at Casino Copenhagen.



TDA Rules

At Casino Copenhagen, we use the rules of the Tournament Directors Association - (latest version)


The general weekly tournaments conducted only when there are at least 10 players signed up. The tournament will be canceled if it has not obtained the participation of 10 players. Our common weekly tournaments starts at. 19:00.Kl. 19.00 is also the deadline for tournament registration. There is no late registration or re-entry.

Payout Structure in weekly tournaments

There always paid 3 prizes in our weekly tournaments .... 50% / 30% / 20%


Currently we run a leaderboard you can see here:

Cash game at Casino Copenhagen

We offer the following games at Casino Copenhagen

  • Texas Hold'em
  • Omaha

Buy-ins - minimum and maximum

Texas Hold'em                                               20/20           Min 500           Max 5,000

                                                                            20/50           Min 2,000        Max 20,000

Pot Limit Omaha                                          50/50           Min 3,000

Danish legislation allows the poker player can commit a maximum of kr. 50,000 per. pot.

Royal Flush Jackpot

In all cash games exchanged kr. 20 from all the pots to a special jackpot chip. These special chips supplies to the total jackpot balance, and is included the following day. Jackpot amount that can be won is displayed in the casino. At least 1 card required used by hand. As long as Royal Flush can be displayed qualifies it for the jackpot payout.


There rakes 5% of all pots with less, there is flop (no flop, no drop) up to a maximum 100 dkk.


Responsible in poker area

The poker officer shall in its decisions take into account the fairness and game interest. This can lead to decisions outside of the technical rules. The poker person responsible decision is final.

The player's responsibility

If a player takes an action where there is room for interpretation, this can lead to making a decision that goes against the player's wishes.

It is expected that players protect their hands, clarify their intentions, included with the game, act in turn, protects their right to act, holding the cards visible, ensures their chips are properly stacked, will be at the table with one hand, draws attention in a clear error in the table is subject to customary etiquette and generally participate compared orderly conduct of the game.

Basic etiquette

Disobeying common etiquette can lead to exclusion / disqualification, examples may be unnecessary delay, unnecessary touching of another's cards or chips, repetitive behavior out of turn, work against the dealer's work, profanity, excessive meaningless chatter etc.


In poker area, like the casino's classic play area, players may not use electronics, unless they rise up and step away from the game table.


In any hand in progress only allowed to speak Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English.


Las Vegas Ranking

At Casino Copenhagen we play with a tournament leaderboard.

Weekly tournaments

Currently played tournaments 6 days per week at the Casino Copenhagen.

Cash game

Currently played cash game every day at Casino Copenhagen.