Slot machines

Casino Copenhagen offers more than 140 slot machines 

Play between 1 dkk and 200 dkk per game

Mystery jackpot


A total of 42 machines are linked up to four new jackpots. The exciting thing about the four mystery jackpots is that they all are released within a certain figure, shown on several displays.

To know when the jackpot latest is being triggered, contributes to a not insignificant intensity and excitement.


Ticket in - ticket out

All slot machines at Casino Copenhagen is equipped with ticket in - ticket out.

This means that you as a guest can freely move your money between machines. You just press cash out and a small bar code ticket comes out, you can either exchange via an ATM for cash or use it in another machine.


Slot machines


The classic slot machine typically had 3 reels with different symbols (horseshoes, bells, etc.) and the game was activated with a pull in an "arm". It was invented in the United States in the late 1800s.

Machines with fruit symbols appeared in early 1900s and the machines did not only pay out in real money - but also in chewing gum.

A lot has happened since the first slot machines appeared.

The modern machines available at Casino Copenhagen has screens with virtual reels and buttons to decide how much you want to bet, and how many lines you want to play. Often the slot machine contains quite a bit different games to choose from.

Pay outs

Coins are history...

All slot machines at Casino Copenhagen accept cash and all major payments (over 10.000, - dkk.) Will be issued by the casino staff who also will help answering any questions. The vast majority of transactions carried out by yourself via the ticket in - ticket out system. Before leaving the casino please exchang your tickets for cash.

You are always welcome to withdraw money in the casino or from an external ATM machine in the hotel lobby.

It is customary to give a share of payments to staff. On slot machines is usually 3%, which corresponds to the percentage on the gaming tables.